The Art of Approaching Girls During Daytime

Let me tell you this right off the bat, it can be intimidating at first. It can even be terrifying at times because you have never done this and you don’t even have a warm approach buffer. You are basically putting yourself in the hands of another person and just waiting to see how they react and how well the whole situation goes.

But you see, there is a way to tailor every cold approach, or a daytime approach you do so that you fit particular circumstances.

The technique of approaching in the bar, parties, nightclubs, etc. are basic and you would get away with a ton of things in those types of settings. But if you applied the same techniques in day-to-day situations like at the local mall or at the grocery store, the chances of you getting weird looks and awkward silences are high.

The point here is that you if you want to approach girls during your daily routine, outside bars and fabricated social settings, you have to change the way you think and go about doing that.

Here’s what you should follow to have an easy time approaching girls during the day.



The Opener

Remember, the girl doesn’t owe you anything and if you walk up to her in the middle of the street, you better offer her an exciting, playful, friendly and non-aggressive time, or she deserves the right to straight up reject you.

So before you do anything, make sure that you get into that vibe, or at least you are able to convey that you are a fun person to be around.

And because of a huge time crunch that you will be facing, make sure that you get straight to the point and let her know whether she should talk to you at all.

The best way to disarm the awkwardness is by acknowledging that awkwardness.

Hey there, I know this is quite random but I saw you and I think you look really cool and interesting and wanted to meet you. Hi, my name is…

Some people in those approach videos acknowledge the attraction right away. But you should be able to do it effectively, and if done the right way, it can really break the ice.

“Hey, I know this is completely random and I don’t normally do this, but I think you look really cute and I wanted to say ‘hi’ or I’d kick myself for not doing that. I’m NAME…”


Building Rapport

Now that she knows that you exist in this world and you have the confidence to come up to her and let her know that she is beautiful, now is the time to build some rapport with her.

This is a common thing between approaches in a nightclub and daytime – you want to build a connection with her. When you approach a girl in a nightclub or a bar, you are solely focusing on the physical chemistry that you both have. During daytime, you are solely focusing on the emotional engagement.

During daytime, you do not want to build sexual tension with her. You can save that tension for the date. Right now, you want to build comfort because that will give you a VIP pass to meeting her later on.

One last thing you want to focus is getting to know her and try to build a strong emotional connection with her. And you will feel incredible while doing that because you two have just met.

Ask her questions and try to know more about her. If you are a logical guy, then think of this as gathering intel about her. The more the merrier.


Getting Her Number

Getting her number is the gateway to getting a date with her in the future. But you want to make sure that you are not forcing her to give her number. Some women are comfortable with a Facebook friend request, or a two-way Instagram follow (this allows you both to DM each other).

Sasha getting a girls phone number during daytime

You should just get whatever she offers because at this point you want to stay in touch with her.

Another reason why women try to connect anywhere else is because they want to make sure that you are not a psychopath. She does not know that you are not Jack The Ripper. So, make sure that you understand her and reason that way.

So how do you bring this up during that short conversation?

Look, I am supposed to be meeting a couple of friends right now but I really enjoyed talking to you and would like to meet again sometime. Give me your number and we’ll stay in touch.

Usually you want to get her number and then call her or text her immediately to make sure that she remembers you before you make your exit.

One last thing that you should remember about texting is that you should never get flirty right off the bat. You want to save that for the date. Right now, just focus on humor, that’s it.

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